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Rich Hale - Testomonials

Thank you, to everyone who has provided a few words about my sharing of the art.

Fellow Kenpoist,


The hardest thing to do with Rich Hale is keep up with him.  He's either at the bottom of the ocean hand picking his dinner, or on some mountain at the top of the world.  Us mortal old Kenpo guys will have to be content to watch this guy, who is in constant motion from a distance.  I get winded just thinking about him.


Rich and I are "old" friends and I used to watch with delight as the Old Man smacked him around a bit in his living room.  Better him then me, I always said to myself.  Rich is a class act all the way, and one of the most knowledgeable Kenpo guys around, and everything he does, he does with class, and impeccable efficiency.  Now if he would only slow down enough so I can see my old friend once and awhile. :)


Dr. Ron Chapel

Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Hale,


I've been a Kenpoist for about five-and-a-half years. I think I've made the best of the resources available to me (instructors, written material and video) that I could. I've had the pleasure of sharing time on the mat with Sean Kelly, Rainer Schulte, Rick Fowler, Huk Planas and you. And I can say that the time I spent on the mat with you today and yesterday was the most mind expanding I've ever had.


I do not say that because I wish to fawn, or because our time was most fresh in memory. I'm an engineer with an analytical mind and ever since I dropped you off, I've been thinking of our time spent together and the information transferred.


My conclusion is that this was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me in the martial arts. You've given me tons of stuff to think about regarding my future in Kenpo.


Tony Shelton

Plano, TX



My students were very excited to have met you and were thrilled with what you taught to them.


It was especially unique to hear from one of my Purple Belts this statement . . . he said "Mr.Kelley I was very impressed to hear, in his tone, how excited he was to be able to keep an interest of joy in his heart of Kenpo knowing Ed Parker has been gone since 1990. He obviously enjoys the art with a passion."


Rich, what I was impressed was your ability to remind students that Kenpo is a universal art that is customized to the individual. It is so important to let the new generations know Kenpo is known for it's flexibility, dynamics and it is a journey not a destination.


My friend . . . we all thank you for your shared knowledge and welcome you once again to our home here in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Sean P.Kelley

West Palm Beach, FL

Fellow Kenpoist,


Mr. Hale's knowledge and expertise in the art of American Kenpo Karate far surpasses many others whom I have had the honor and privilege of sharing the mats with. He is one of the very few who I strongly believe truly understands the art and preserves it in the way SGM Mr. Ed Parker intended it to be. I call Mr. Hale the walking encyclopedia of Kenpo! Not only does Mr. Hale understand the concepts and principles of the art, he is capable of teaching and sharing those concepts verbally as well as physically.


Mr. Hale is top notch. It you really want to learn the art of American Kenpo and you had to go to one guy, Mr. Hale would be the one I'd turn to. Don't just take my word for it though. Contact him, book a seminar with him and experience the essence of Kenpo that only Mr. Hale can show you.


Maurice Gomez

Monrovia, CA

Mr. Hale,


I had a great time at your seminar and I learned an awful lot. I truly enjoyed it.


I hope we can stay in touch and consider it an honor to have learned from you.


Would be as so kind to send me an autographed picture/portrait of you for me to hang in my school. It would be very much appreciated.


I look forward to seeing you soon.


Jeremy Howden

Tucson, AZ

Mr. Hale,


I was fortunate enough to have the privilege to work out with you in Hawaii last year.


Thank you for the seminar. I know we all benefited from that night.


Once again, thank you for everything. Hope to be able to learn some more from you again soon.


Dennis S. de los Reyes

Honolulu, HI

Fellow Kenpoists,


Mr. Hale is one of those perennial Kenpoists who, if he had the ego that matched his time and experience, would/could be wearing a tenth by now; lord knows, lesser men already have.


Instead, he focused on preserving and passing on Mr. Parkers art to the truest possible value that he can, and has eschewed the self-glorifying often found in kenpo circles. He has worked with many of the famous 1st generation black belts, and continues to be a beacon example of what skill, commitment, knowledge and humility look like.


His own understanding of Kenpo is itself encyclopedic, and his skills and ability to apply his understanding exceptional. He has owned and operated IKKA/Ed Parker franshises in Alaska and California, and continues to teach Ed Parkers American Kenpo to a small but committed and highly-focused group of students in Southern California.


He is one of those few guys who lateraled over from one great instructor to another, becoming a personal student of Mr. Parkers after having participated in the West LA school under the tutelage of Larry Tatum. More importantly, he's just a good guy, and fun to hang out with; I know I am richer in spirit and Kenpo for meeting him.


Dr. David Crouch

Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Rich,


I want to thank you for spending your time with my crew last night, we had an awesome time and gained some great info. I hope you make it this way more often. I know I have much to learn in Kenpo and I can certainly benefit from your knowledge, skills and ability.


I see the speed in you and many of your moves are similar to those of Larry Tatum and I also hear a lot of "Huk" in your theory and translations of power and tactical application.


I really enjoyed your reasoning when it pertained to the Critical Timing Factor, it certainly makes a technique effective or non effective! "Repeating Mace will never be the same!" Also the driving torque you displayed in five swords, the list goes on.


I have been involved in the Martial arts since 1969 and I have seen a lot, been to many many seminars, and I learned many new things last Thursday! They will always be remembered!


And lastly, I would like everyone in the Kenpo world to know that East Taunton Kenpo Karate recognizes your knowledge Skill and Abilities in the art of Parker American Kenpo to be superior!


Mike O'Handley

East Taunton, MA

Fellow Students,


This was my first seminar with Mr. Hale and Mr. Tabatabai, and it was amazing.  The scope of knowledge was surpassed only by how helpful both instructors were.


There was an alternation between shadow boxing and paired up with partners.  Inserted between techniques and practices were stories of Mr. Parker, life lessons, and general humor.


If you have the opportunity to see Mr. Hale and Mr. Tabatabai, I highly recommend it.  I know I will.


Sam Bowley

McKinney, TX

Fellow Martial Artists,


When, Where, Why, How. Want to learn Golf? Find the Tiger. Want to learn to hit a baseball, talk to Pudge.  The point is, if you want to improve yourself to be the best you can be, seek out the best in their field to show you how.


Mr. Hale is clearly one of the very best of the best.  As he constantly analyzes the methods, advantages and disadvantages of the very essence of Kenpo principles and theory in his daily life he also searches for unique means to relate that information to his students.  Each moment of class time is filled with a learning opportunity through a relaxed yet somehow respectful appreciation for the learning process.


From White Belt to an advanced Black Belt level all egos are checked at the door.  Everyone learns as their level of understanding processes what they hear.  At one level perhaps a technique sequence is made more clear or learned for the first time.  At another level a power principle is absorbed, and yet on another, timing or that ever present "what if"

is addressed.


No matter what, everyone will come away with something they didn't have before.  Fun, serious, and an experience you'll never forget.  For those of you familiar with the old "Kung Fu" TV series, you'll have flashbacks of all the "Ah Ha" moments during your Kenpo journey.  Bits of things said, a time when you executed a technique correctly, a time when you felt a proper strike on yourself, you'll remember the sweat, maybe a little bruise, your friends in the art, and you'll always remember bits and pieces at different times from training seminars and each of the people you work with while you walk in your Kenpo journey.  Have fun, enjoy.


Clint Flora

Watauga, TX



The seminar with you and Mr. Tabatabai was extremely enlightening and enjoyable. The brusing will fade right ? (joking)


Your enjoyment of Kenpo shows in your teaching and is contagious to all those who share the mat with you.


I sincerely look forward to your next visit.


Joe Kendrick  -  Plano, TX

Fellow Kenpoists,


Mr. Hale is one of the nicest people I have met in Kenpo that is high in rank.  I felt very comfortable on the mat with him and learned a great deal from him in a short time that will make my Kenpo better for a lifetime.


I recommend getting on the mat with Mr. Hale he is a gentleman and a professional.


Michael Moore

Westport, MA

Mr. Hale,


Great seminar. Thank you again. I was telling Mike Moore that there are few kenpo guys that when they hit you, it feels heavy and deep . . . and you know if they go another 1/2 inch more it's devastating.


Only felt those hits from a few.  You're one of them.  At some point in the future will have to travel out to CA for another seminar.


Mike Gauthier

Danvers, MA

Mr. Hale,


I have to say that one of the things I love about your classes is the passion that you come across with.  I think it's great that you still teach it "by the book".  You haven't tried to reinvent the wheel so to speak.  It gives me a lot to aspire to.


On and off the mat your stories and knowledge of, this great art are pretty close to being unequaled.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to even be on the same mat or at the dinner table with you.  I look forward to the next time your in the area.


Tony Capone

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mr Hale,


Your seminars show the excitement that only comes from truly loving the art that we live and insight that only comes from feeling and meditating on the physical aspects as well as the philosophy of a true warrior.


I appreciate the experience that you pass on to myself and to the brothers and sisters of Kenpo.  You are wise to preserve and protect that which is honorable and good, Kenpo.


I also appreciate our friendship.  I look forward to the next seminar and training with you again.


Damian Wilson

Edmond, OK

Mr. Hale


Thank You for coming. It was a pleasure meeting you. We enjoyed the class very much. Your in depth knowledge of the art is evident in the way you present the information.


I can only imagine how the Kenpo world would be if all the seniors had your attitude and willingness to share the art.


I hope we will meet again soon. Please stop by again anytime you are on Long Island.


Tom LoVarco

Long Island, NY

To my brothers and sisters in Kenpo,


I was fortunate to be able to spend 2 hours in a class setting, and 3 additional hours training with Senior Professor Rich Hale.  All I can say is that I'll be asking him to come back MANY times in the future.  The time spent was informative, fun and eye-opening.


Mr. Hale shared his knowledge in an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood.  I can't thank him enough. If you want one of the best seminars you'll EVER experience, Call Mr. Hale.


Mark Bundy

Cameron, MO



I would like to say "Thank You!" for giving me and my fellow students the opportunity to train with you.


It was very informative and helpful to our training.  It helped remind us how the principles of SGM Ed Parker's system of American Kenpo can be applied in our techniques and how they can be properly delivered.


You're a fabulous teacher and friend!  Hopefully, we can do it again in the future.


Rey Z. Marvive

West Valley City, UT

Mr. Hale,


Thank you for giving us just a glimpse of your knowledge this weekend.  Your seminar was one of the best I've ever attended.  I've been to seminars where you look at the clock to see when it's going to be over and are just ready to go home.


Yours on the other hand was one that I would've loved to have spent a full 5 hours in and never once would've tried to find the clock on the wall!  Thank you so much, you were a real pleasure to be around!  Best Wishes,


Jennifer Terry

Cameron, MO

Mr. Hale


What an honor it was being able to attend your seminar!  It was a very refreshing and unique experience.  I really enjoyed your method of teaching, it left me constantly wanting more.  I grew up as a little kid watching my father (David Jimenez) train like a modern day gladiator.  As I got older and became more interested in studying the art, I started to realize that many schools were teaching Kenpo as merely words with no substance.  It seemed more about theory and less about the application of what was being taught.  This was a hard pill to swallow since I grew up watching these Kenpoist train so hard and possess so much knowledge that they were very easily able to translate into action.


Fortunately, I was able to connect with such an amazing instructor like Professor Graham Lelliot, and have once again found good fortune in being able to attend a brief, but incredibly beneficial seminar with you.  It was hands down one of the best seminars I've ever attended.  Your combination of words and actions were amazing.  I cannot speak highly enough of you or the manner of which you teach the art of Kenpo.


Again, it was a great honor and re-motivating experience.  I look forward to attending many more.


Christian Jimenez

Fresno, CA



I again want to thank you for making out to my school in Fresno.  Its been over a week and the buzz is still in air about you coming out and teaching.  I have had many positive responses both from the students and their family and friends.


One of my younger boys still comments on how every time you punched you made that snapping sound, way to cool in his world.


Again thanks for your desire to keep our love of Kenpo burning, and I look forward to August when you come out again.


Sensei Fred Bell

Fresno, CA

Dear Rich,


Thank you so much for taking the time to come to the school and work with the Kenpo students.  Everyone really enjoyed your seminar and they were all so excited.


Thanks too for your words of wisdom.


Diane Reeve

Plano, TX

Mr. Hale,


This was my first ever seminar.  I am a beginner Kenpo student with the rank of Yellow belt at Texas Storm Kenpo under Mr. Bill Piper.  I would like to start by saying that the Plano seminar far exceeded my expectations and I was able to walk away with so much information.  Mr. Hale and Mr. Tabatabai were so kind and down to earth I felt at ease right away.


The most memorable part of the seminar that I feel will help my Kenpo was the critical timing aspect that is in our techniques.  I first learned about the art of Kenpo back in 2000 when a friend from work spoke about his training, so I went to his studio to check it out, and right away I knew I wanted to learn so I joined Mr. Keith Gorham's Kenpo program.


I earned the rank of Yellow belt with Mr. Gorham, but at the time, and I did not know this until later, but I was not yet ready in my life to commit to the art of Kenpo and I did not stick with it.  It wasn't until December this past year that I was able to reconnect with Kenpo through Mr. Piper and now I feel I am ready for the journey through Kenpo.


Jessie Johnson

Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Hale,


I had an awesome time with you and Mr. Tabatabai at the seminar held at Vision Martial Arts Center in June.  The training was exciting and packed full of techniques and detailed explanations.  I know all of the students from VMAC that were able to be there were thoroughly impressed and glad they had an opportunity to learn from the best.


I look forward to participating in your next seminar when you return.


Thank you for all your efforts in passing along Ed Parker’s Kenpo.


Denny Kalgren

Plano, TX

Fellow Kenpoists,


I felt compelled to share my experience after attending a recent Rich Hale seminar.


I was immediately impressed by Mr. Hale's attention to detail, his friendly demeanor, enthusiasm and his love of Kenpo.  His understanding of the art, "the why's", the concepts and principles, his ability to execute the movements/skill level, his understanding of Kenpo terms, and his ability to teach the information has seemed to me a rare thing to find.


The meat of the class was helping us to find the concepts and principles, to study these things through our movements, understand the intended lesson of the techniques, the essential details were covered clearly.  It was a very enlightening experience, to say the least, I look forward to the next time.


Chuck Bradshaw

Fort Collins, CO

Mr. Hale,


Thank you for another greatly enjoyable and informative night of Kenpo theory and practice in Texas.  I have two quotes above my desk which read: "Don't be discouraged.  Remember, to begin anything is usually to begin it badly." and, "Nothing Exceptional was ever done on the first try."


As Kenpo is a lifelong journey and as the saying goes that up to Black Belt you're learning to begin and then as a Black Belt you're beginning to learn.  We're blessed in having so many truly great instructors to show us the way and help in developing us the students, both proper technique, and knowledge.  Some instructors, however, go that step and beyond showing proper attitude and humility.  In addition to that there are those who lead by example.


Sir, in all aspects you are a leader among leaders.  I always enjoy being a part of your class, as you remind us that we must keep trying far past the first try until we can become our personal best, and not to quit or be discouraged if whenever learning a new skill we're awkward until we follow the great example you have set and just keep trying and improve along our Kenpo journey.


Clint Flora

Watauga, TX

Fellow Kenpoists,


Rich Hale is one of the truly nicest individuals out there today teaching and perpetuating Kenpo Karate. He is one of the most dynamic instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working on the mat with.


Mr. Hale made all my students young and older feel like they could learn, understand and do Kenpo, teaching by principles of motion and great physical examples so everyone could understand.


Thanks, Rich for an enlightening experience!


Sifu Oscar Steele

Coppell, TX

Fellow Kenpoists,


The recent Seminar in Grand Junction, Colorado during the Thanksgiving Holiday added a big boost to our newly opened school for Grand Valley Kenpo Karate.


I am especially pleased to be a part of Mr. Hale's Ohana Kenpo Karate Association. I am encouraged by the Healing and Unification energy that is provided for all the Kenpo Family.


Our Community is richer because of the positive energy that was shared. Thanks Mr. Hale


Doug Schwinn

Grand Junction, CO

Mr. Hale,


My name is Tony Aprea I was the LARGE orange belt that dummied for you a couple of times at Mr. Kelley's school.


I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to our school and sharing your gift with us, you are a TRUE kenpoist.


Can't wait till Febuary to see you again. I know I still have a long road ahead of me in kenpo, but people like you and Mr. Kelley give us all hope and inspiration to continue to train and learn this incredible art.  Much Respect,


Tony Aprea

Lake Worth, FL

Mr. Hale


I would definitely like to express how glad I am to have had the opportunity to work with you during your seminar visit. Your approach stands at the top of a list of instruction - including special military and executive protection training that I have had the opportunity to receive during my lifetime.


Your knowledge of body mechanics, combined with your life experiences, made for positive growth in my thinking and action. True Kenpo is an expressive fluidity and physical harmony in defense/ offense that was beautifully expressed along with your ability to transfer years of experience and technique into simple concepts that any thinking person could comprehend, and more importantly, immediately apply.


In addition, your command presence and speaking style kept me focused the entire long day; this has compelled me to recommend your instruction and seminar to all my associates. With much appreciation and respect.


David Becket

Torrance, CA

Mr Hale,


I was priveleged to attend your seminar this last weekend in Grand Junction. I come in expecting to learn some advanced techniques and maybe some ways to improve power, maneuvering, balance, accuracy which I did, but what I didn't expect was to watch a whirlwind of passion and emotion and a true love for Kenpo. I am new to the art of Kenpo and was exited from go, but to see such a devoted practitioner sharing their wealth of knowledge leaving nothing out was inspiring.


It was refreshing to see you not only impart your tremendous knowledge of Kenpo but show how it relates to, can be used with and parallels other arts. The demonstration of jui jitsu pulling gaurd with the explanation of why you would use a foot one one side and not the other reinforced the importance of a check not just for defense but for reducing or eliminating the use of a weapon. The fact that another art is using the same standard principal we use in Kenpo validates it's importance. This type of understanding is what sets you apart from many of the Kenpoists teaching and practicing today and makes you the outstanding resource for all things Kenpo that you are.


My excitement for Kenpo has stepped up yet another notch and I look forward to your next visit, I hope it's soon!


Ed Fredrick

Grand Junction, CO

Fellow Kenpoists,


I had the opportunity to attend Mr. Rich Hales Seminar at the Grand Valley Kenpo Karate School in Grand Junction, Colorado. I was very impressed with his abilities as a teacher and instructor of Ed Parker American Kenpo Karate.


I would gladly attend and promote any Rich Hale Kenpo seminar. Thank you so much Mr. Hale for your help and instruction and certification in the art of Ed Parker Kenpo Karate. Glad to also be a member of your  Ohana Kenpo Karate Association.


David Stone

Orem, UT

Hey Rich!,


Thanks again for making the effort to come up to my humble school.  Not to mention, sharing your vast knowledge, experience, and wonderful stories in the art we love.  We were all very impressed!  It was a rare pleasure to have you in house, and on deck no less!


Your generosity of time, and gifts to me personally, were over the top Rich Hale!  I so appreciate you, and the awesome art work you gave me!  I have hosted many seminars over the years Rich, with high ranking, great instructors, none have equaled your out of the blue, totally spontaneous generosity.  You have my deepest respect and gratitude...


I am in your debt Sir, if I can ever be of service, please don't hesitate to ask.  I look forward to continued collaboration in the years to come...


Chris Wiedmann

Santa Barbara, CA

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