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Kill the Golden Goose

Mr. Parker's most prominent movie role was that of Mauna Loa, in Kill the Golden Goose.  Debuting in August of 1979, Mr. Parker plays an assassin hired to kill three witnesses, who are scheduled to testify before a Senate Subcommittee.  Trying to stop him is another great martial artist, Bong Soo Han.​

This is definitely my favorite "B" movie of all time.  Yes, it's a low budget movie with bad acting, but on the other hand, it's Ed Parker playing a role he was born to play.  He smashes, crashes and kills everything in his path and he does it all with the evil-eye look of a man who really enjoys his work.

Advertisement for Kill the Golden Goose, in the May 9, 1979 issue of Variety.

Mona Loa sets sights on killing his next victim, but first, he must take out Rainer Schulte, who in real-life is a close friend and student of Mr. Parker's.  At the time, Rainer was also the head of the IKKA, for all of Europe.

Mona Loa dispences with Rainer in all of about two seconds  . . . so much for being a good friend and student of Ed Parker AKA Mauna Loa :-)

In this scene, Mr. Olympia (Ken Waller) calls Mona Loa a "Coconut Head".

A moment later Mona Loa asks a question and says, "Your dead, if you're lying".

This is what can happen if you're home when Mona Loa knocks on your door.

Various incarnations of Kill the Golden Goose.  It was re-released as Kill the Golden Ninja during the Ninja craze and Time of Death was a German release.

There were several of these Mexican Lobby Cards, in different versions.

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