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Rich Hale - Awards

I've received a lot of awards over the years, but receiving awards isn't so much about awards themselves, but camaraderie and friendships. When the banquets and presentations are long over the award is but a reminder of those special times and friends.

Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame

The Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame is especially significant to everyone in the art of American Kenpo. This is where our peers are recognized for not only their achievements within the art of Kenpo but for their and dedication to our art.

Founded by Paul Casey in 2015, the Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame is dedicated to all the men and women of Kenpo, but especially to Paul's instructor Frank Trejo. Frank was one of the great men of Kenpo having won countless competitions and taught some of the best in our art.


I enjoy just reading the names of the inductees as these are many friendships I've developed over the years. It's also a reminder of how much these friends and this art mean to me.

WKKA World Summit

The mission of the Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association (WKKA) is to preserve the art of Kenpo and provide an international platform for the growth and advancement of Kenpo. The WKKA was founded by Joe Palanzo, who was a  protégé of Ed Parker - Creator of American Kenpo.

One of the earliest associations to form after Mr. Parker's passing, the WKKA has hosted many seminars and competitions, bring together martial artists from all over the world. One of their premier events is the World Summit where some of the best and most well known martial artist come to share their knowledge of the art.

Masters Hall of Fame

Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as one of the premier Martial Arts events on the West Coast. In 2006, under the new leadership of Daniel Hect, the Masters Hall of Fame expanded the focus and operations to include the recognition of exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through Induction into the Masters Hall of Fame.

In this case, the most significant aspect of the Masters Hall of Fame is the man who had me inducted. Master Bob White is one of the most respected men in all of American Kenpo. I consider him to be not only a friend but a man I admire for his integrity and his dedication to service. Working side by side, Bob and his wife Barbara not only run a successful school but have raised over a million dollars for the Royal Family Kids. Great martial artists are more than great fighters, their great people.

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