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Tales of American Karate

Beginning in November of 1989 Ed Parker was asked to write a monthly article for Black Belt Magazine.  As one of America's earliest karate pioneers, Mr. Parker was in the unique position to take on this task.  The articles flourished for eighteen months ending with his article written for the February 1991 issue.


What I like the most about these articles is that each month Mr. Parker had the opportunity to say exactly what was on his mind, without it being part of a large work.  The articles are simple and directly to the point.  Sometimes he seems to be reminiscing and honoring people who influenced his life and art.  Other times he seems to be setting the record straight, while at other times he seems to be emphasizing specific principles of his art that he really wants the world to remember.


I think these articles are a fantastic opportunity for us to see into the mind and personality of the man who created the art we love.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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