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The honorees in this book were nominated and selected by a group of Kenpo Seniors from the United States and abroad. The main requirement the Honoree’s had to meet for inclusion in the book was their strong participation in the American Kenpo community which means they “actively supported  the camps, seminars, tournaments, and fundraising events of other Kenpo instructors and their associations.”


Many of the Honorees from The Journey book were included in the new The International Journey book because they have much more to tell about their Kenpo journey’s. These Honorees also address subjects that are unique to them. Many people from Ireland are included in the book because, “through John McSweeney, Ireland became the mother ship of Kenpo in Europe and South America.”


The ranks of all Honorees in the book are respected, but the author has chosen to minimize the discussion of rank to avoid controversy, as the central purpose of the book is to bring the vast Kenpo communities closer together as family.


The honorees included in this book speak different languages and live in very different cultures, so Mr. Bleecker has chosen to write the narrative of The International Journey in a uniform, single voice. “The content of the profiles are the life experiences and the beliefs of the Honorees”. It is Tom Bleecker’s desire that everyone experience this book as members of a close knit family and therefore people are often refereed to without formal titles. No disrespect is intended.


The International Journey includes the following Honorees, all who have made a significant contribution to American Kenpo and to the American Kenpo community:


United States Honorees
Chuck Sullivan
Bryan Hawkins
Gilbert Velez
Bob White
Steve LaBounty
John Sepulveda
Mike Pick
Joe Palanzo
Jeff Speakman
Paul Dye
Bobby Lawrence
Brian Duffy
Frank Trejo
Lee Wedlake
Doreen DiRienzo
Sean Kelley
Rich Hale


European Honorees
Tommy Jordan
Barney Coleman
Shay Paget
Edward Downey
Graham Lelliot
Gary Ellis
Hans Hesselmann
Roy MacDonald


South American Honorees
Sergio Correa
Jose Garay
Francisco Espinosa


“Read the stories in the two Journey books. Learn how the Honorees achieved their status and rank in Kenpo. Find the names of people you have only heard about, but may never meet. In this way, you will become truly part of the ‘bigger.’ Examine the trials and tribulations that they had to confront. I will wager that the stories of these Honorees are much like your.” – Sigung Stephen LaBounty

International Journey

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