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In paying your annual dues your record will be updated to reflect your current status. You will not receive a new membership certificate as our certificates are not dated, year-to-year. 


There is no late fee if a member's dues are submitted after their renewal date, but all dues paid will be credited to their earliest dues date. In other words, if you paid dues for 2017 and didn't pay dues again until 2019, that payment will automatically pay for 2018 - still leaving you past due for 2019. 


If a member hasn't paid dues for several years and doesn't want to catch up on past dues, the alternative is to purchase a new membership. In this case, the new membership will not come with a certificate or patches, but the member will become current, without having to pay any back dues.


Their date of membership will remain the same, but the member will not be given credit for time-in-grade. In other words, if a member had just received their yellow belt and then stopped paying their association dues for several years, they would still be a yellow belt, with no additional time-in-grade toward their next rank in the association - regardless of any training or rank received outside the association. 

Annual Dues

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