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Mission Statement
 "Preserve & Advance the Martial Arts"

Our first mission is to preserve and advance the concepts, theories, and principles of Ed Parker's American Kenpo. Secondly, we strive to advance ourselves through the inclusion of various systems and styles that have proven themselves to be beneficial to our overall advancement as martial artists.  


To that end, we don't limit ourselves to appreciating any one system, style, or method. We believe many variations of the arts have much to offer. All you need is an open mind and a discerning eye to appreciate all the martial arts world has to offer.

The martial arts is more than just a sport, or a means of self-defense.  For those of us who've been captivated by it, it's become a way of life.  From its simplicity to its sophistication, martial arts is a lifelong journey that takes a lot of work and more patience than most people can imagine. We welcome you on this journey.

The Kenpo Crest:

Our school crest represents our lineage in the Ed Parker system of American Kenpo. The difference between our crest and the IKKA crest is everything inside the basic shape is our own design and represents our extended lineage under Richard Callahan, A.C Rainey, and Rick Hughes.  In that we're not associated with the IKKA, we don't claim to teach "Ed Parker’s Kenpo", but the patch is meant to show respect to Mr. Parker's art, which we do continue to study.





We honor our history and the seniors who forged the art we study.

Our personal integrity will determine who we are and the belt we wear.

True friends maintain their friendship in the face of adversity and disagreement.

We respect each other's personal journey and the path they choose in the martial arts.​

Memory Patch.png
In Memory of Ed Parker Sr.

Although we're not members of the reorganized International Kenpo Karate Association, we'll never forget where we came from and the man who made it all possible. Ed Parker Sr. created the art of American Kenpo and we wear this specially designed patch in his memory.

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