The Art of Kenpo Karate


Kenpo Karate, is one of the most consistently expanding martial arts in the world and is known for it's explosive speed and power. Based on the practical application principles that are integrated into basics, forms, sets and self-defense techniques, Kenpo Karate, simply stated, is designed to work.


Additionally, Kenpo Karate is an open-minded system that is designed to improve over time.  What we may encountered on the streets in the past is not necessarily what we will encounter today.  A realistic martial art system that will endure the test of time, must be a martial art system that will improve with the times.


In order for a martial art to be effective on the street, it has to be a martial art that was designed to work on the street.


Some martial art schools are teaching movements that were originally intended for exercise and using those movements as a legitimate means of self-defense.


Other schools are structured around the rules of tournament competition, and don't train their students for practical self-defense. For example there are schools who give one point for a punch to the head and two points for a kick to the head.  Then by applying a rule that states you can't catch your opponents kicking leg, or sweep your opponents supporting leg, they leave their students unprepared for what may happen in an actual street confrontation.


Unlike traditional martial arts, Kenpo is continually evolving and so are the people who study it.  Self-defense situations today can be entirely different the situations many martial arts we created to defend against.  To maintain its validity a martial art must evolve as the world we live in evolves.



In order to achieve power the Kenpo stylist starts by relaxing the muscles. The arms and legs move much faster when they are relaxed than when they are tense. Then, just prior to contact, the muscles exert their entire force.  As a result a student, properly trained in the art of Kenpo, is capable of creating tremendous power.


Of course if you're beat to the punch, all is lost.  In order to achieve the greatest speed possible, the Kenpo stylist conserves motion/time.  This is done eliminating unnecessary cocking or winding up motion.  Also, at the advanced stage the "ands" are eliminated.  Instead of blocking "and" striking, the defense and offense occur simultaneously.  In other words, we strike "with" our block.


"Kenpo is for the man who has everything and wants to protect it."


                                                                         Ed Parker