Membership Information


Membership is open to all martial artists who have an interest in the art of Kenpo Karate.  We aren't concerned if you follow the 16, 24 or 32 technique curriculum, as it's not the techniques that define a system, but the principles within the techniques that are most important.  If your basics, forms, sets and techniques follow the principles set out by Mr. Parker, then your art is American Kenpo.


I teach these techniques not for the sake of teaching the techniques, but for the principles that are involved in the techniques.  And even then, these principles have to be altered to fit the individual.  My system is structured to bring out a “style” of an individual.  His “style” will be determined by his anatomical structure.   Ed Parker, Black Belt Magazine, November 1985


An important aspect of membership, in our association, is that we do not want to take anyone away from their current instructor/association.  If you're currently a member of another association and would also like to be a member of our association, please seek permission from your current instructor/association.

Membership Renewal


Annual membership in the Ohana Kenpo Karate Association is $24.  We do not send out renewal notices, or bills to the members.  It's been our experience that if a member would like to drop out of the association, the last thing they want is to receive continual requests for money.  We feel if a member wants to stay current with the association, they will make an effort to do so.


In some cases a member has forgotten to pay their dues and have become an expired member. To reactivate their membership all they need to do is come current with their dues and their membership can be reinstated with their original membership date.


In some cases they may be several years behind on their dues and although they would like to reinstate their membership, they don't want pay their past dues.  In that case they can re-join the association and their membership will begin on that new date.