The Kenpo Journal

The days of combing through endless pages of documents is over with the introduction of the Kenpo Journal. Everything in the database is no more than 3 or 4 clicks away including all the techniques, set and forms and much, much more.


Ever wondered how, and where, Mr. Parker used various Kenpo terms in his technique text and technique notes? Then click on any of a thousand Kenpo terms to find its definition, then instantly locate, isolate and highlight the term in red. Doing this the old fashioned way would require reading every technique and every technique note in the system in order to thoroughly search out one single term. Now you can do in in less than 5 seconds!



Testimonials from those who use the Kenpo Journal

The Kenpo Journal is amazing!!!  I look to it frequently as a resource.

I realize how much work that it required and my hat is off to you.

Your Brother in Kenpo - Until the last day . . .


Shawn Knight - Tucson, Arizona

Now Delivered via DropBox

Click on the User Guide to open a 30 page guide to all its features.


The newest section in the Kenpo Journal is called "Q & A with Ed Parker". It consists of 365 questions and answers extracted from over a 140 magazines and newspaper article on, by, or about Ed Parker. Each question and answer is substantiated with the publication name, date, volume/issue number and name of the article. This section has been a lot of work, but I know the Kenpo community is going to love it.


Inspired by Mr. Parker's original Accumulative Journal, the Kenpo Journal picks ups where the original book left off and takes your study of Kenpo into an entirely new realm of data retrieval.


Listen to your teacher, if you are fortunate enough to have one, but also study for yourself. Read books, watch instructional videos, go to Kenpo camps and seminars, visit other schools, participate on Internet forums by asking questions and offering advice.


If you're more than the average student and you really want to study Kenpo then the Kenpo Journal is exactly what you need in order to do it.



Available for Windows XP & Vista & System 7 & 8


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If you don't like the Kenpo Journal you can receive a 100% refund - No Questions Asked