Mission Statement


 "Preserve & Advance the art of Kenpo Karate"


I have been actively involved in the Ed Parker System of Kenpo Karate since 1972, having begun my training at the Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate Studio in Colton, California.


Our mission is to preserve and advance the art of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate.  There may be endless debate over what Kenpo is and what Kenpo is not.  We're not here to debate Kenpo, but to share it.  To that end we don't limit ourselves to appreciating any one system, style, or method of Kenpo.  We believe many variations of the art have much to offer.  It just so happens that the Ed Parker system of American Kenpo is our lineage.  Many of our members also study other arts and we welcome their friendship and knowledge.


The martial arts and Kenpo in particular are more than just a sport, or a means of self-defense.  For those of us who have been captivated by it, it's become a way of life .  From its simplicity to its sophistication, the martial arts is a lifelong journey that takes a lot of work and more patience than most people can imagine.


The word “Ohana” is the Hawaiian word for “Family”.  When Mr. Parker was with us, we had one association - one family.  Today we have a great many associations.  Many are only interested in gaining members.  We are only interested in the art of Kenpo and being part of a Kenpo family.

The Association Crest:


Honor, Integrity, Friendship and Respect.  Four simple words that our association is founded on.  We don't sell rank and we don't give it away.  Our goal isn't to collect and trade certificates back and fourth.  Our association crest represents strength of character and personal discipline.  It represents a way of life through learning and understanding.






We honor our history and the seniors who forged the art we study.

Our personal integrity will determine who we are and the belt we wear.

True friends will maintain their friendship in the face of adversity and disagreement.

We respect each others personal journey and the path they choose in the martial arts.

The School Crest:


Many schools have created their own school and association crests, with most of them being based on Mr. Parker’s original Crest.  In our case we have two crests: 1) is our association crest and 2) is our school crest.  Our curriculum crest represents our lineage.  The difference between our school crest and the original crest is that everything inside the basic shape is our own design and represents our extended lineage.  In that I'm not Ed Parker I can't claim to teach Ed Parker’s Kenpo, but the patch is meant to show respect to Mr. Parker's art, which we are a branch of.