New Membership


The initial membership fee to join the association is $38.00 plus $5 shipping.  In return for your membership fee you'll receive a Certificate of Membership,

a 3 inch OKKA Association Patch, 4 inch OKKA Rocker Patch and the 6 inch Ohana Kenpo Curriculum Patch.  Please note that membership in the Ohana Kenpo Karate Association does not include rank.



After you've submitted your membership application you'll be directed to PayPal.


If you're paying for your membership by any means, other than PayPal, you should still use this form to send in your information.  In the notes section you can say that you'll be paying by check, money order, etc.  When you're directed to the PayPal page, you can simply click away from the page, as your information will have already been send, along with your note of payment preference.